Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Secret of Me: TwentySix Towers of Brahma

She's running. Leaving. Sliding into the infinite where she'll be reduced to a sliver, a seed that I temporarily pried open and peered into the spiralling fractal eternity that is aligned with the outside and beyond. It's that one straight line from here to the complete and opposite side. And you're...I'm smack in the center.

Melting into a spinning flatness, Velocity Girl disappeared. She was flying upward and onward, diving inward and back through me. A brief flash as she stands completely inbetween everthing that is this reality.

I thought the world drab. It's dirt is now its shimmer. Velocity Girl's lingering gift for releasing her is a glimmer to all matter, a sparkle in each and every molecule. When I draw her in next time, I'll be ready to play the game her way.

"We were pretending...", she pouted, "Playing."

And suddenly I wanted to kill.

Who was this? An assassin...

Not likely. I thought this was a madness I was catching but reality is the pain that forced me to insanity's fair arms.

She made me a mad sexy one, rebirthed through beetle recycling, and ready for damage. Tossing down the pieces, staring madly at the fortunes of trinkets, I saw the secret of the universe revealed unto me.

I have a countdown to solve the riddle. I can't wait til the final nail-biting seconds to defuse my literal existence. The answers must be found now!

But regardless of pace, the journey unfolds as it does, not as you wish. The signal is vibrating the tether in the centre. It shakes loose words, broadcasting them to acres of neurons, snapping puzzle pieces of sanity onto the coffee table.

Coffee table...I'm drunk. The future? Past? It feels like a memory and my consciousness lets go and I get into the pilot seat and scream and holler as I whirl my empty vessel into the night, headed straight downtown.

To the ground, laid down, and then up again until you're laughing in all of their faces one by one. You look around and they look upon, smiling down and across. Penetrating glances, glaring prances, fairy dust dances with phallic accuracy.

Jokester, prankster, playing the games but I forgot that I told myself not to remember anything so as to fool us all, straight into the game. Our nights and dreams are all, it seems. Battle bravely, defending identity to its bitter end.

The girl dreams of the boy and he of her. That heart can't take the hurt, so, in hiding his dreams among the starry skies he rises and falls again. He knows, wanting to amuse and bemuse his lovely muse, so tries but fails to maintain his place. Quests for longing, meaningful masterpiece of my eye, I've gone inside.

Brainwash the self into betterment. Bridge that gap between perfection and yourself. Buy into the scheme that you've made to live within. Learn the rules and have fun. Further instructions lie...

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