Thursday, February 19, 2009

Untouchable: Flight!

Your vision reaches out to an indefinite point stretching out past the horizon. Everything comes streaming from that point in a watercolor haze. Colors are drastically muted as there simply isn't enough time for your eye to register the sensory input. A bizarre effect takes hold of you that makes it feel like your whole body is being stretched out. Your mind feels like the sun and your feet are iron weights dragging miles behind you.

Your foot stomps against the concrete leaving a solid imprint from the sole your boot. Your heart leaps out of your chest and you surge forward again. Like a stone over the surface of a lake, several steps and you have skipped miles across the surface of time and space. People, places, and things become abstractions of no more consequence than an anthill on the side of the road. You're speeding along, free from everything.

Cognitive thought is nearly impossible. You can't remember who you were before you started running. An entire life, an identity, and all concerns are left behind just like your afterimage fading from the optic nerves of your friends. Your entire self melts away in an euphoric daze. All that matters is sustaining this incredible feeling of ultimate freedom.

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