Thursday, February 19, 2009


Somehow, some way, the universe clicks into place putting us in front of each other. We look at each other and see each other and meet each other. Our psycho-symmetrical sheen glistens and shows us at our best and brightest.

We glow and know that this feeling is the reason we exist. We've found each other through all the haze and endless days of loneliness. She'd grown hard and he'd fallen sad, but now...

We fall like the angel, spiralling, smiling, dancing in a wild, whirlwind manner. Mad children giggling the days away, stealing glances, then kisses. Hands held, lips locked, we united & divided our selves, we ended and began where the other once did.

One of us loses the glazed look, that longing gaze, suddenly and before the other. We see ourselves now fully immersed and without a memory of solitary confinement. One claws, one clings, all while the memories sting.

Fear, abandonment, and dropping on down. Left behind and moving beyond, polarities swapped. Who are you, am I, are we, now that two became one and one now splits into none.

It ends. Love is hated. Cursed as the bane of mankind and that empty, lost ache is felt by the two. Buttons pushed, destroying a friendship, broken individuals crying and unable to reach out to another without crumbling, tumbling away.

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