Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Strange Tales Notes

Dean Walker.
Clea walkby.
Imposing distortion of reality building. Sanctum Sanctorum from the ground up.
Runs errands for Wong. Sweet but busy Night Nurse.
Hidden disciple spying from background.
Eventually gets a meeting with Dr. Strange in his office. A swirling cosmos of ordinary reality. A design sense of his symbol from the shadow of the window, while his form, while sitting with one leg crossed over the other, reserved and looking a bit worn and overworked. His figure resembling the serpent style of his chest logo.

Dr. Strange sends Dean to Fantastic Four, Stark Intl., Avengers Mansion, Nelson & Murdock, and Daily Bugle. Just before heading to Bleeker St. Demon attacks erupting from Washington Square Park, the construction awaking the beast buried there by Dormamu. Dr. Strange bound the beast to the park.

Research neighborhoods.
Bleeker St. Washington Square Park.

Take reference photos.
Wall Street. Chrysler Building. Washington Square. Bleeker St. 177A. Flat Iron Building. Hell's Kitchen aka Clinton. Upper East Side. Magic Shop. 9th & 1st. Tompkins Square Park.

Battle for St. Marks. Clea aids in battle. Pushed back from Washington Square to Tompkins Square Park. Clea's shop is the 9th St & 1st Ave Magic Shop. Battle ends at the Cube.

Straight to Brooklyn. PowerMan & Iron Fist. Physical training. Dean suspects something is up. Moon Knight instead. Dan Ketch, Ghost Rider to Hell. Cemetary.

8pg segments. Give free and cheap three weeks, conclude in cheap $5 collection. Make a five dollar comic monthly worth it. Show them NYC. Use it as a character. Show the highest of NYC and the lowest within the Marvel Universe bubble. Riding the arc of the entire multiverse.

Hell is the final destination of Dean Walker. Whoever rises from its depth will be a new man. He reaches out, keeping on through the pain, gripping the other side into the power cosmic. Silver Surfer brings him up, through Central Park, along the fountain, into the air, through the atmosphere, to space, slo-mo space warp across the stars to the moon. The Watcher.

The artifacts help assemble themselves to allow Dean Walker to transcend into Eternity. Flip to Infinity, Cosmic aid, voyage home. Nova. Dread Dimension. Dormamu.

Mephisto. Dormamu. Son of Satan.

Dr. Strange meeting. Dismisses Dean as they discuss the ownership of merging Hell/Dread Dimension.

Nightmare. Next arc. Disciple. Baron Mordo. Green. Man-Thing. Vulture. Spider-Man. Job. Living life. Daredevil. Power Man & Iron Fist.

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