Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mercury University Notes

Bart Allen. College. Older with a younger mind. He's a brooding teenager in a 20 something body. The only thing slow is his mental development but this is to keep him more innocent.

Flash ring palmcorders. Legion Flash rings are one step above. Bart must prove himself to the Legion. Only once he makes it to that level will he be able to take over the mantle of the Flash.

Xs, Jenni Ognats, Bart's cousin is higher ranked despite being younger.

Turtle. Son of famous Flash. Slow with superspeed perception. Holding himself back. Disappointing his father.

Explore Tornado Twins heroic history.

Professor Zoom. Reverse Flash.
Eobard Thawne. Hunter Zolomon.

Cobalt Blue. Walter West.

Younger Max Mercury.

Paradox protection. Doesn't allow for contact with others that you have yet to meet or to say anything that would alter timestream.

John Fox. Wannabe Flash.

Bart Allen standing center as he will appear in series. A hint of Flash red and yellow, but mostly a cool blue. Long brown hair and brooding look. He's without his powers and carries a heavy burden having died and returned.

To the left is Impulse racing into Kid Flash into a collapsing Flash costume ala Barry Allen in Crisis. This dissolves behind the figure of bart. To the right is an energy form of pure Yellow with a hint of red (ala Professor Zoom) blurring into John Fox chasing after Inertia.

Top left is Wally West and Family. Linda and the Kids looking bewildered as everything speeds by them in a blur. Wally's wearing a suit and the Flash symbol his behind them.

Top right is Jenni Ognats aka Xs, in casual hip future wear and Turtle, a more round and shy guy in a bolt baseball cap down low. The Legion logo is behind them.

Bottom left is Savitar, a younger Max Mercury, Jesse Quick, a faculty shot. Mercury University logo behind them.

Bottom right is Barry, in Flash costume with mask pulled back, his arm around Iris, looking over at the Tornado Twins as they speed around and around the panel making it look like they're lifting the half length shot of Barry & Iris off the page with a whirlwind.

Work on faculty development. Maybe put the rogues in there somewhere. Maybe rogues, teachers disguised. Someone setting Bart up.

Max seems to be a bad guy but he's preparing the best of all Flashes. Betrayed Bart becomes a Zoom. Undoes a lot of good in 30th century. Runs the world counterclockwise, unraveling reality.

Jay wakes up Max. Max's vision from desert. Indian folklore from when he got powers. Enlightenment comes to the Flash family.

Jay knew it intuitively. Barry created a credible science of it. Wally could see the mechanics of it. Bart must collect all three to unite the Flash dynasty.

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