Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spider-Monkey Breakdowns

Page 1
Peter Primate walking among apes & gorillas. Daily Bugle (Banana?) covers proclaim Spider-Monkey as menace. Peter swings up to monkey bar lane for smaller primates, delivery monkeys and such.

Page 2
Green Gibbon flies off uptown. Peter debates on missing date with Monkey Jane to give chase. Responsibility and Uncle Ben flash. Costume switch behind billboard for Monkey themed Broadway show.

Page 3
Spider-Monkey swings following a trail of smoke into the Museum of Natural History. Maybe a hint of evolution in the Marvel Monkeyverse. Artwork and sculptures of Apes & Gorilla warriors. Monkeys not given a fair deal. Spider-Monkey spies into one of the main rooms. Green Gibbon is pilfering treasures looking for something.

Page 4
Spider-Monkey swings in and Green Gibbon and him fight. Innocents scatter as they tear around the room. In focus is a mummified monkey's paw. It begins to glow as the fight continues and they slowly come closer to it.

Page 5
Spider-Monkey is blasted back into the case grabbing the paw. It flashes with energy. The Baboonder's paw or just vague cosmic forces swell up around Spider-Monkey just as he wishes he never was Spider-Monkey and that he could just be normal. Spider-Monkey is undone as his costume unravels and he dissipates.

Page 6
Peter Primate stands in the same museum room except now surrounded as if on a class trip. Flash Thompson, Liz Allen, Mary Jane, chaperoned by Uncle Ben & Aunt May. Green Gibbon has the paw and is raising it triumphantly.

Page 7
All of Spider-Monkeys villains in animal forms appear out of nowhere and attack. Doctor Octupus, tentacles streaming from his face, Kraven the Hunter, Lionheaded savage, Chameleon, shifting creeping lizard, The Lizard, snarling fanged beast, Electro, eel-like and alien, and Venom, man-spider with venomous dripping fangs and multi-spindly legs.

The supporting cast all run screaming, Peter Primate looks on helpless.

Page 8
Peter realizes that he is holding the paw in his grip, that he still holds the paw after making his wish. He makes a second wish as he begins transforming reality around him, half becoming Spider-Monkey, half Peter Primate. A nod to the half Spidey face.

Page 9
Spider-Monkey, paw in his tail, leaps with a punch towards Green Gibbon, who is transforming from all-powerful Gibbon God, to normal Green Gibbon with a punch.

Page 10
Spider-Monkey stands defiant over Green Gibbon. All webbed up and bound to his glider. All around them it's a mess in the exhibit. Spider-Monkey ponders his third wish. Clean up the museum? Have the populace love and adore him? A million bananas?

He wishes it returned to whereever it came from. Reattaches to the arm of one of three Watchers sitting backs together floating in space paws over their eyes, ears, and mouth.

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