Friday, March 20, 2009

Action Comics Notes

Jimmy Olsen makes bank. He's even got his own coffeetable photo book coming out. Check out the front cover shot. Superman hefting a car over his head, ready to smash it down on some supervillain, and Olsen gets that shot...looks like he's gonna smash us with that car.

Jimmy Olsen always gets the shot. I'd see him running down Swan Street, leaping craters, dodging blasts, and clicking that shutter like a samurai. All in a ridiculous bowtie. He still shoots old school, even has his own darkroom studio down in Suicide Slum. Keeps him close to the Action.


An off-angle, badly framed shot of Jimmy Olsen leaping over debris from energy blasts of all kind raining down in the street. He has his camera in hand as he lines up his shot. Next to that is a copy of his Superman cover of his Coffeetable Book which looks like a first person perspective of the cover of Action Comics #1 where Superman is lifting a car above his head. The book has the word ACTION in big yellow letters, green background, with Jimmy Olsen written under it.

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