Friday, March 20, 2009

Man of Tomorrow Notes

Lex Luthor scares me. They sent me to cover his press conference where he declared that he'd rid the planet of Evil. And his master plan starts with his villain rehabilitation program.

Studying psychology, sociology, and mythology like he did all other sciences, Lex devised a plan to help any powered thug become a useful citizen again by providing them whatever personal satisfaction they needed, be it fortune, glory, or carnage (someone needs to demolish buildings, may as well be someone invulnerable).

Superman later told me how he stopped Lex's diabolically benevolent plan from coming to light. By monitoring all information, and then processing the data allowed him to predict the fluctuations in sociological changes.

Basically he read the all of the internet every day and then knew what'd happen tomorrow, thereby seeing the sinister outcome of Lex's master plan. No villains meant no threats, no threats led to heroes turning on heroes, or joining the LexCorp workforce. Either way, he'd win.

To think, Superman beat Lex from his computer. I wonder what kind of bandwith Supes has got up in that Fortress of Solitude.


Superman sits in his computer chair, his back is to us, and we can just see his cape draped over the chair, and the back of his head. He reaches over to pick up a S shield mug of steaming hot cocoa. He's sitting in front of a large Kryptonian computer console, on the monitor is Lex Luthor waving and smiling. The tagline below him is VILLAINS REFORM!

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