Friday, March 20, 2009

Man of Steel Notes

If I was going to go from mere photo editor to reporter at the Daily Bugle I'd need a story. But it's hard to scoop veteran reporters like Kent & Lane. So I'd have to look at things from my own perspective, from my neighborhood, from my life.

So I wrote a story, my first byline, about this old guy on my block. Turns out his classic, limited edition, prime condition hotrod was used by Superman as a way to smash Metallo into the river. He showed the car off every weekend, down under the Byrne Bridge, spitshine polished that car every day.

Superman came by to thank me for writing such a human piece, said my voice was what Metropolis needed, especially in today's superhuman world. On my way home from work I spotted the old guy with a rusted, battered frame of his old car sitting in his driveway.

And there was Superman, sleeves rolled up, and getting schooled in car mechanics as he helped him restore that hunk of steel.


Superman's looking kind of unsure as he peers with his X-Ray vision into the engine, under the large hood of a classic hotrod that's beaten up, rusted, smoking and dripping water from the bottom. He's got his sleeves rolled up, one foot on the bumper, grease on his hands, scratching his chin. The old guy is an aged rockabilly, clean cut, but slicked back sparse hair. He looks like he's explaining something as he gestures in some mechanical way.

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