Sunday, January 18, 2009

Train to Paris

Ben got robbed while we switched hotels, we alternate from tiny coffees to smoke filled backrooms, I have English Breakfast every morning.

Flying Pig can suck it, lame ass rich kid camp, we get booted to the St. Christopher's Winston which turns out to be more our speed. One half of Old Town is EuroMall, the other half the sex shops and bars. Of course the coffee shops are scattered all about.

We hit up a hotel for two days and sleep a lot after making a total trip around Amsterdam. It's cold, we're coughing, and yet we still smoke more. Cheap cigarettes and cheap beer, we get tore up as we walk around in damp weather. I slept all though Sat night and feel refreshed.

The night before we hit up McDonald's and it was just as bad as Times Square. Maybe not as bad really. But the people here do seem to hate us. Now on to Paris where they'll really hate us.

Oh and no that wasn't the US Airways plane we were on that went down in the Hudson. But it could have been. Big props to Sully Sullenberger for his bad ass landing.

Remind me to tell you about the shit that goes down when I go away.


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Natalia said...

sounds unbelievable.

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