Thursday, January 15, 2009


A lot has happened, including a long nap. I appear to be in Amsterdam. Drinks with locals, coffee shop stop offs, wandering round the bend of the city. Bicycles ninjastrike from the shadows, euromall slideshow among goregeous buildings. Epic, ornate, godlike monster buildings, they lurk with power and potency, defending it's canals.

A plane went down behind ours, Sully Sullenberger piloted the US Airways plane down into the Hudson, where CNN has confirmed that a miracle had happened. It is prophesy before Obama takes presidency. Bush is the badguy you love to hate and his carcass now waves goodbye as Obama radiates power in the oval office, sucking in the American will and slamming a new reality down with a smile.

My girl's waiting for me back home. Thinking of her makes me smile. I hear her laugh and laugh. A first date, singing in the rain, second date, shooting bucks, making out, kicked out, and love, sleep, cuddles.