Wednesday, January 14, 2009

European Vacation - NYC to Philly

Just landed in Philly. Cookies kicked in as I downed the tall beer at Laguardia. My muscles, I feel each individually as I flex my back hoping to crack my verterbrae back into place.

Texted my mom as I took off. Our first text. Security wasn't too bad, a long ways from my first flight to Disney with my fams. I brought tons of electronic devices (Sony Watchman) that didn't work so I could pretend to be a superspy.

Waiting for the bus in Philly. Fuck Philly. I still love it as my second city, but seriously fuck it. Gonna take a picture. There, one came out good as I act like a brooding 14 yr old girl, arm extended taking yet another photo of my pouty lips.

Read some One Flew Over the Cuckoos nest on the plane, next to an angry sleeping guy. Ben got the flaming fatty make up artist guy trying to mack it with him. The line for the plane to Amsterdam is intolerably long. I'm totally zoning out.


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