Sunday, January 18, 2009

When I Go Away

Disaster strikes.

I was in Florida when JFK Jr. died in a plane crash. I was in Colombia when the Pope died. I know I was somewhere else when Oklahoma City bombing happened.

Now a plane (same airline) goes down as we take off, and Obama takes office right before we come back. All passengers were safe and sound from the flight, so it's the anti-9/11 as Obama kicks off his presidency. So is this a good omen?

Who can tell? I saw Death, a Hindu God, and a Gorilla in the main tourist square of Amsterdam. Ben ponders over the good/ill omen of seeing a dead bird when he spies graphitti that reads OMEN.

Everything is insane. My life has never changed so much in such a short amount of time. So many people I know are going through some sort of major change. Allie's moved to Berlin, Jose's off to boot camp, and it seems as if I've become the fully functioning adult man I always wanted to be, and that this has brought me love.

The opposite number to your own, so similar, yet having none of your experiences. She understands in the way you wished they all could have, that you pushed them all to try and reach, she does it flawlessly. She says the right words, and you want to repeat them right back to her, as they say everything that's needed between old souls now newly in love again.

We're almost at Brussels. A cool rundown city from the train, a sweet comic book mural on a building wall as we pull into the station. I want a smoke, oh wait, an email from Lauren. Brb.

She tells me not to eat McDonald's and to be wary of thieves. Ben goes to smoke a cigarette and I drink his beer. This is the most internet access I've had and I'm prob paying for it although I only bought an hour and I'm way over that.

I'm def coming home with a chest cold and a new sense of reality. I'm totally an obnoxious American tourist and not the international man of mystery I think myself to be. I left all my cool at home in NYC.


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