Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fuck France

Ok, they hate us here too. But we've got this traveling shit down. We're staying at Henry IV which is at the peak of a triangle on the island in the middle of La Seine. We're at the other end of Notre Dam which we just walked by. Meh. It's a big church.

Ok really big, monster movie big. Looming and leering at us.

Dinner at a local sushi place where the French couple there shittalks us in French the whole time. But we get drunk and laugh, exhausted from coming from the rain in Amsterdam to perfect chill weather among the cold French people.

All cities seem the same. Similar districts and sections, all comparable to NYC. But there's a different vibe. Amsterdam was cold indifference. Here it's more a mocking disgust. Either way, we love it, we're angry, bitter American tourists and we don't want to talk your faggy language.

Okay, that's not true. Def learning another language as soon as I get back. After I sleep...for a week. Time to sleep now so we'll get our breakfast. No idea when I'll actually send this.

Je ne comprends pas.


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