Friday, July 10, 2009


3-8 page comic style. 5 panel gags with ongoing continuity.

Drunk in Washington Square or the Origin!
The Friends. You Have Powers?
Josh Washington: Failure at Sports
(Football, Baseball, Track, Basketball, Golf, Bowling)
Chris Conners: Conman at Heart
Friends Forgive.
Brooklyn Games: Intro
Brooklyn Games: Fight
Brooklyn Games: Flight
Brooklyn Games: Response
Brooklyn Games: Epilogue
Downtime Recap.


Intro script:
5 panels

Panel 1
Josh and friends drinking at the bar.

Panel 2
Secret Origin part 1: Josh walking along Washington Sq Park's fountain. Storm clouds above. Maybe drinking a beer.

Panel 3
Secret Origin part 2: Josh falls in and is struck by lightning. His charred feet kind of cartoony sticking out of the fountain as his body is hit by the bolt.

Panel 4
Running out of the park surrounded by ghosts, Native Americans, Slaves, Yellow Fever victims. Hint of an NYU sign or something nearby.

Panel 5
Josh running off with a hint of George Washington's ghost looming on the side of the panel, maybe more establishing the Arch and the park.


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