Saturday, July 11, 2009

Theory of Everything Notes

as it affects individual particles
Cosmic crime scenes
Big bang fragment explosion
Gravity doesn't fit
Bizarrely weak
Gravity, electromagnetic force, two nuclear forces
Combined superforce
Brief History of Time 1988
Black holes (subatomic effects) microscopic radiation
Large and small theorists combined
Supersymmetry - tiny merged into superforce
Differences from big bang
Symmetry broken 13.7 billion years ago
Why did gravity become weak?
Superstring theory - vibrating subatomic strings
Same substance appear different because of vibration
11 dimensions of reality
M theory
Entire universe sitting in a tank/bubble in larger one
Hyperspace - 4th dimension
Curled up miniature dimensions
Gravity weakened by smaller dimensions
Remnants of gravity
Holy Grail

String theory. 5 theories. Theory of nothing.
Gurus direct flow of science.
Lost scientists.
Number of universes.
Multidimensional awareness.
Reality computations.
10 vibrating strings
11th dimensional outlaws (supergravity)
9 spatial 1 time.
5 strings/variations, 11 dimensions.
1 theory. 1 membrane.
M theory.
Magic Mystery Mother Madness
Blanket over all matter.
Infinitely long, small distance across.
10-20 mL
One trillionth of a millimeter from all matter.
Comic books are our alternate angled reality
Weak gravity.
Gravity spread over 11th dimensions.
Membranes colliding.
Gravity pulling us all. We're at the end.
Who lives in the 11th dimension.
Parallel universes. All different variations. Beings of different physical properties.
Universes moving through 11th dimensions.
Imagining without proving.
Membranes colliding, parallel universes rippling against each other. Through big bang to other universe.
Infinite number of multiverse. Each with different laws of physics.
Idealized universe created.
Creates its own space and continues rapidly branched off from our own.

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