Monday, July 6, 2009

Sexy Anime Action Notes / Final Challenge Notes

Ninjas, Samurai, Gunfighters, Boxers, Kung Fu, tournament meets secret agent.

A superhero in a tournament for fighters. Realizing that fighting is less about power than skill. Basic superhero powers versus meta-human warriors. A spoof/parody of fighting games.

Homemade hero enters the big leagues. Racing, olympics, sports, althetic display of humans versus other humans. Contest of human spirit. Winning and what it means, victory and glory, gaining notoriety.

Heroic journey in limelight. Washington Square Park, Grand Central, Highline Park, Central Park, Coney Island. Ave Games.

Street Games. Final Challenge. Urban Olympics. Meta-Metro-Marathon.

Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, Bronx.
Five Counties. One representative from each burrough. Gowanus Pete: Brooklyn. Hero: Manhattan. (Has to fight different neighborhoods to become champion).

West Village. Greenwich Village. East Village. Upper East. Upper West. Midtown. Financial District. Uptown.

Each a cariacture of the neighborhood. Brooklyn Games, mentioned as flashback. Williamsburg, Bushwick, Coney Island, Park Slope, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn Heights, Bensonhurst, Flushing.

Gowanus Pete is the main opponent. Oversees the Quarterfinals.

Starts as league, then gets bigger and bigger. Follow the rise of the main character with the rise of the sport.

NYU Student. No direction, suddenly gains powers, has to learn all sorts of skills to compete. Washington Square Park. Immortal Washington is his Mentor, homeless man in park. Teaches him various fighting methods learned from others in park.

Act 1
Intro guy. Give basic day to day. Discovery of powers.
Guy with friends. Money problems. Exploitation.
Guy in battle. Fighting others. Winning.

Act 2
Winner in bigger sport. Competive world. Other powers.
Guy in competition. Fighting spirit. Ingenuity.
Guy alone. Losing and surrender. Friends.

Act 3
Celebrity/Fame. Remembering who he is. Powers evolve.
Competitors as equals. Younger Identity. Idealism.
Faithful spirit. Impossible odds. Overcoming obstacles.


Friend wants to write a discertation, exposing the underbelly of the meta-fighting world, journalism major, using the dumb guy, who learns along the way.

Two guy friends that help him win. Smartass and Slick. He's the muscle. The regular guy who gains powers.

College life. Competitive academically. Feeling inferior.
Too weak for sports, too dumb for intellectuals.
Internship for Science Channel. Exposure to scientific experiment. Mutation/adaptation.

Powers allow him to become whatever substance he touches. Using the various states of matter as metaphors for city life. Stone, metal, electricity, wind, water. Five different transformations per act.

Beer, cake, light, dust, glass.
Stone, metal, electricity, wind, water.
Lava, fire, wood, earth.

First Act
Fun, lighthearted, watching Brooklyn Games. Falls in Love with official. Last years winner. Queen of the games.

Second Act
Adventure/Action, raising stakes, real pain. More internalising, fallout between friend and hero. Hero isolated, almost loses, friends help. Reason to fight.

Third Act
Brutal battle. Tournament, colliseum, gladiator, NFL, UFC feel. Overcoming vices to rise to champion. Bringing out the best/inspiring others.

NYU graduation. Film student friend? Journalism friend? Girl invites him to a bigger nationwide tournament. He declines, but maybe.

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