Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tournament! Notes

Flux powers nobody
BFF hotshot troublemaker
Hostess of rooftop battle
Washington Indian Spirit Guide
Gowanus Pete Loner Fighter
Hercules Hero Tall Tale
Bridge & Tunnel Games
Grand Central
Subway Race
Dodgeball Bowling Ball
Marathon Attack

Smaller events train for the larger events.

Governor's Island Arena - Ultimate Championship
Brooklyn - Underground
Staten Island - Ferry Rumble
Jersey - Club
Long Island - Rockstar Beach
Connecticut - Golf
Wall Street Handball - sneakers
Midtown Madness - Circus, Sports
Comedy Club
Lincoln Center String Assassins
Times Square Tourist Scavanger Hunt
Intrepid Street Fight

The Super Devil doles out powers to amuse himself. Spiritual guide outside Washington Square Park. Washington never died. Lincoln Center of Power. Each segment a comment on an aspect of NYC.

Strength, Machinery, Superspeed, Energy, Spectral, Elemental

Gladitorial Spectacle Sensational!

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