Friday, March 27, 2009

Spider-Man vs Human Torch in "the ROOF is on FIRE!"

Page 1
Spider-Man perched on the side of a building, camera in hand, nighttime cityscape all around him.

"Ugh. I really need some photos to sell to Jolly Jameson, but the only crime is that I'm spending my Friday night up here alone..."

Spidey spots something and zooms in with his camera lens. It's the Human Torch as he heads into a club down below, with a girl in each arm.

"While that matchstick makes out like a bandit."

"I knew I shoulda been Butterfly Boy, girls dig butterflys...hey what's that?"

Spidey spots a door closing on the roof of the building Johnny Storm just entered.


Page 2
Spidey leaps across to the other building and fires a gob of webbing. The webbing plops around the handle and props it open. Spidey changes into his Parker dorky wear and centers the camera around his chest before sneaking in and down the stairs.

"Peter Parker, club photographer, paparazzi of the power crowd..."

Page 3
A few quick dodges and he makes it through the kitchen, close calls, physical comedy, slapstick. Just as he's about strut through the open doors, they fly open, and an awestruck/agitated lady in a business skirt busts in and grabs Peter.

"Photographer?! What are you wearing?! Ugh."

She musses up his hair, spruces his look up a bit, and slaps him on the butt through the doors into the crowd.

Page 4
Peter absently takes shots of swanky patrons who do their best to ignore him. It's dark in here and swirls of light spin around the room. The music is blaring as Peter imagines fake conversations for them.

"Oh I just love the photography of that Peter Parker, the sexy young lad that shoots for that rag Daily Bugle. Oh yes, we really must draw up a contract to have him shoot our models, especially with that hunky..."

Peter overhears, "Spider-Man? Hah, I know that chump. Little kid running round in pajamas."

Page 5
Peter parts the crowd and sees Johnny Storm up in the VIP section, girls surrounding him, gesturing wildly as he talks of himself.

"Now, a real hero, well he needs a high tech suit, a swank Midtown HQ, and most definitely some badass powers."

Johnny lets loose with a small pyrotechnic display.

Peter leaps up the stairs, over the rope, to get a shot of Johnny.

"A true hero talks trash at bars to get chicks apparently."

Johnny stands and walks over to Peter.

"Parker right? Always snapping pics of superheroes so that boss of yours can drag our name through the mud. Tired of following around your wannabe hero and trying to snap me? Piss off."

Johhny pushes Peter backwards down the stairs.

Page 6
Peter stumbles down the stairs backwards, quite gracefully, almost too gracefully. So he drops back and rolls into the crowd. Johnny laughs as he heads back to his table. Glimpses of Peter changing into Spider-Man between people's legs. Johnny laughs it up with his dates.

"That's how you gotta handle these photographers, bunch of kids running around, trying to provoke you, get a shot of you their paper can take out of context, ruin a hero's rep. That's enough of that though, what say we go dance..."

Spider-Man pops up the middle of the crowd.

Page 7
Spidey leaps through the crowd with skill, landing even more so. Johnny is not impressed. Spidey does some tricks with his webbing, some acrobatics, and flips backwards sliding across the empty dance floor.

"Top that Flamey."

Human Torch climbs the railing and leaps off as he Flames On! He seems to be heading straight for Spidey.

Page 8
Human Torch busts out some flamey dancey moves, sliding across the floor, making the crowd hot and sweaty, but the crowd seems to be getting into it.

Spidey slides under and around as their dance/fight escalates. Human Torch is pressing down on Spidey, his flame intensifying, the crowd is dancing and yelling, sweat flying everywhere.

Page 9
The whole dance floor is going mad as Human Torch's dates walk off with some other dudes. Human Torch & Spidey are whipping and flipping and things are getting intense when Human Torch unleashes a fireball straight up at Spidey in anger, but misses and sets the roof on fire. Both stop and look stunned as the crowd runs off.

Spidey raises the roof (dance move).

"The roof, the roof, the roof is on fiiiirrrreeee."

Page 10
Spidey & Human Torch are soaking wet as they get bounced out the front doors. The hit the pavement scowling at each other. Spidey shrugs his shoulders innocently.

"Dude, you trashed my entire night out. They prolly won't even let me back in there for at least a month."

"I wasn't the one who set off the sprinklers, dude."

A purse snatching happens right across the street, seen to be happening right between the heroes' line of sight. The snatcher runs off, they glance at each other and take off after him.

"I got this one Webhead..."

"You ain't gonna catch nothing but a cold, Human Splash."

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