Friday, March 27, 2009

Marvel Pitches

Avengers Company Central Park Picnic
A quiet day of mingling among heroes. No bad guys attack. Shots of each villain at home, evil lair, or doing bad somewhere else and getting stopped by C-list hero.

Starjammers - Space Pirates
The tin bucket of space, stolen starship, low on supplies, ragtag group of Marvel Universe races bound together. Anti-Hero Star Trek. Mutant. Kree. Skrull. Shiar. All working together to survive. The Watcher as guide. Read Annihilation and figure out Marvel's space situation post Secret Invasion.

Dazzler - NYC Romance Action
A young mutant from the Xavier school comes to stay with Dazzler in the city. She sleeps on her couch as Dazzler zips across the city rebuilding her singing career. Night Club Dancing with the X-Ladies. Brooklyn Shows with Polaris. Rahne's first night out. Kitty & Logan down in the LES.

Generation X meets Sex in the City.

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