Friday, March 27, 2009

Dazzler & Longshot: Mutant Romance

Their marriage is over. He's lost his memory and she wants a new life. Dazzler hangs out with her X-Ladies, hitting up nightclubs, performing at venues, and vintage shopping in Soho. Longshot trudges through life, looking for a purpose, who he is, and going out with his Mutant boys who try and set him up.

A metropolitan dating romantic comedy. All scripted by Mojo, recording the drama for the Mojoverse. Dazzler gets her shining moment, Longshot tries to halt it once he knows Mojo is involved, she takes it as jealousy, and then he shuts down Mojo with the help of his friends. Mojo wants to build up a star and then sacrifice her, virgin, pop stardom.

Chamber, Logan, Multiple Man, X-Force crew,

Dazzler, Psylocke, Jean Grey, Storm. Rogue, Siryn, M.

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