Friday, March 27, 2009

Human Torch/Iceman Notes

Bobby Drake. Johnny Storm.
Iceman. Torch.
Cool and collected. Afraid of true power.
Hothead, showy. Trying to contain power, remain human.

Brothers. Best friends. Dating. Relationships. Career. Identity.

How your opposite half compliments you, whether you like it or not.

Torch makes Iceman go out and date. He wants Polaris, but Mystique is who he dreams of. Torch brings him out to the city nightlife. Torch as candlelight clubs, Iceman as the stiff drink.

Meets girl while leaving Torch behind with the ladies. Maybe runs into Polaris. Torch has to piss him off. Mystique drives Iceman away from Torch. Polaris and Iceman date. Starts fighting. Iceman and Torch and Spider-Man all out at the bar, eating wings, get into a fight.

Polaris attacks. Mystique watches. Torch Mystique and Iceman Polaris fight.

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