Monday, November 9, 2009

Superman Notes

Superman saves someone trapped in another dimension, but she was meant not to exist, and with her return all matter begins to crumble in the Parasite Paradox!

Adventures of Superman! Africa Jungle, 1940's, high up in the airport control tower above the congo, Lois and Clark in awkward khaki outfits, getting the story as best they can. Marvel as Superman Fights A Lion! See Lois Lane Kick Ass! Watch as Clark fumbles about. Dogfight bomb dropping airplanes buzzing the skies as refugees run for their lives.

Blobs of evil, viral infecting monsters in everyday people, mindless drone beasts when driven from their host. Supervillains growing out of people.

Superman tries to save a blonde woman who seems stuck between dimensions, lost in non-existence, beyond even Limbo's span. Jimmy's gal pal Chloe Sullivan. She knows Clark's secret even though she's Jimmy's girl!

Showing all different styles from Superman's past,

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