Monday, November 9, 2009

Speedball & Co. Notes

Seventeen kids were saved that day in Stamford, CT. The terrorist explosion that killed over 600 people, was thought to have been survived only by the man they held responsible: Speedball.

A young schoolteacher finds herself amnesiac and after a near fatal accident she discovers she has bouncing powers. Small bubbles prevent her from getting hurt. She winds up at the door of Howard the Duck, who does some digging and realizes that Speedball extended his field enough, shared his power to spare 17 children and a schoolteacher.

A teacher that's suddenly feeling the pull from home, as do the other children scattered around the map. The bubbles pull on one another, drawing all of them back towards the site of the disaster. Who knows what might happen as the newly powered kids bounce and smash cities apart...

It's up to Slapstick, the cartoon clown, lost his laugh, but not his spirit, to bring Robbie Baldwin back from his time of penance and begin the healing. The kids return, saving them one by one as he bounces across the globe, dropping them at the site, which finally becomes decided to be a school for superheroes.

X-Men for powered Teens.

The Kinetic Kids. The Bright Bubble.

New Warriors.

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