Monday, November 9, 2009

Project Notes

SuperDad & HeroGirl

Kid's book, cartoon. Ray Beem. Laser Beem. Hero past prime, starts messing up, daughter secretly helps him. Junior High, tomboy becoming a girl. Jazmine. Jazz. Fights young supervillain she gets a crush on. Bad boy appeal. Mom as doting caretaker. Afterschool activities. Dad gets laid off and resumes superhero life. Mom wants daughter to stay away. Jazz Jones. Friend is comic book nerd who discovers her secret.

Metal man driving through post apocalyptic America. The Kid finds a bike and follows, tries to get him to let him ride along. Dad and Son.

Battle of the Bands
All-Ska Squadron vs. Weapons of Mess Distraction
Over the top cosmic rockshow to the death

Bob Awesome
Legend of Bob.
Nick & Theresa tell Max about Bob's story.
The Showdown.
Bob let's Max win, leaves Max in his place.

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