Monday, July 13, 2009

Octopus Notes

No shell
Change colors
Size based society
Solitary creatures
Long periods out of water if gills are wet
Parachute morph
Suckers curled
Arms most sensitive
Gills inside, designed for speed and manuverability
Each arm is it's own sense organ, independently run
Radula - internal teeth
Smart snail w/out shell
Poison paralyzed kill
Saliva digestive enzyme
Grow as fast as they eat
3 hearts
Copper based blood
Sephalatoxin poison
150 different species
2 to 3,000 suckers
Contort shape
Monochromatic vision
Membrance blanket, lunge and chase, pincers
Missing limb regrown in 8 weeks
Octopus pounce and grab mating
Cannibalism - kill by strangulation
Food conversion rate 80%
Often nocturnal
Squid 10 tentacles
Thousands of eggs 40-50
Eat their own arms
Smokescree of ink. Bitter taste
Fast furious lives. 2 years.

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