Saturday, July 18, 2009

Asian Flick Reviews: Hard Revenge Milly

After watching her husband and child brutally murdered in front of her, while being stabbed repeatedly, Milly sets out for cyborg vengeance against the Jack Brothers!

Written and directed by newcomer Takanori Tsujimoto, this low budget gore fest is little more than a first act setup for the final battle. If anything the quick kills before the last fight could be considered a sped up second act.

We get a taste of the bloody killing that will take place at the very start, then cut to her getting a new forearm brace sword and shells for her thigh shotgun, then back to her first kill which is shown more indepth.

After we see a bit more blood and gore, we're given a taste of the brutal origin of Hard Revenge Milly in small, escalating moments of horrific violence as she readies the location to spring her trap on the remaining Jack Brothers.

The action builds nicely towards the final fight against the man who basically raped her body with a knife, and with a shocking CGI-assisted finishing blow delivered to the big bad guy (the likes of which I have never seen and is quite inventive in its delivery) she heads off on the road once again.

We're given a hint of a sequel at the end of this movie that runs just a bit over 40 mins. The story continues in Hard Revenge Milly: Bloody Battle, with the idea that revenge just continues a cycle of violence.

Overall, this is a nice little flick that displays the possibilities with some fake body parts, a dash of CGI, and buckets of squirting blood.

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