Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Men-Tor Scripts

Introductions Are in Order
Panel 1
A shadowy sinister silhouette with glowing eyes peers out at us.

M: I've been watching you for a long time Raymond.

Panel 2
Full shot of a brightly colored green and yellow superhero, matching leather jacket and face mask that wraps around most of his head. Maybe yellow goggles over it. In the background we can just make out the shadowy form from Panel 1. The superhero is Raymond Beem, he's firing a green ray gun towards us from inside an alley.

M: I saw how you tried to use your legacy for good.

Panel 3
Raymond in costume looks down at a scorched corpse of a thug. The upper half of his body is obliterated. We can just see the raygun in his grip resting at his side.

M: You tried to avenge your Grandfather's tarnished reputation.

Panel 4
He looks down at the raygun in his hands. He seems conflicted. The shadowy shape rises in the background, looking as if he's about to envelope Raymond.

M: Very noble young Raymond, but futile.

Panel 5
Cut to half length shot of Raymond tied to a chair, a bloody sack over his head. There is a dramatic light cast down upon him, the Shadowy figure is standing over Raymond, we get a hint of a dark blue and red M on a costume from the figure, but just a hint.

M: It's not what your grandfather would have wanted.

R: What do you know you freak?! Who are you?!

M: Consider me your new teacher.

Face Off
Panel 1
A bloody cloth sack is pulled off Raymond's head. His mask is torn, his goggles smashed, his face beaten to a pulp. He's crying.

R: Just let me go! Please, please, keep the stupid gun!

Panel 2
Red gloves hold the bright green ray gun just into the spotlight. All else is shadow. A hint of Raymond off to the side.

M: A beautiful design. Deadly and compact. Sleek and murderously simple.

Panel 3
The gloved fist holds the raygun against the back of Raymond's head. Raymond bows his head as tears and blood drip from his face.

R: Please! I just want to go home.

M: Just point, and shoot. Easiest thing in the world. Especially when it looks like a toy.

Panel 4
Close up of the ropes being cut.

M: The man who carried this weapon for 30 years was a friend of mine. He wouldn't want you to be a do-gooder son.

Panel 5
Raymond, in a state of shock, looks down at his freed hands in surprise. A hint of the gloves as the raygun is tossed into his lap.

M: He'd want for you to be a killer.

Panel 6
Raymond close up, beaten and raising up the raygun. The figure slips into the darkness over his left shoulder.

M: Kill me Raymond.

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