Saturday, July 4, 2009

Montauk Monster Breakdowns

Act 1
Monster attacks dog/little girl
Poolboy cleaning pool, scoops water snake, gets call from Occult Friend about attack, loads up truck, drive to Occult Friend's lets us see the town. (Music montage)
Poolboy picks up Occult Friend, drive to beach, check out scene, some clues, intro Monster Hunters. Occult Friend in love with Hot Host, Techy & CameraMan follow her like lost puppies. Poolboy is unimpressed.
Back to regular life in Montauk. Town center, diner, Gramps works at Liquor Store(?) [somewhere that will help supply the gang with something to fight off creatures] Monster Hunters Van pulls up, begin asking locals questions, annoys Poolboy, Occult Friend eager to be interviewed. PB & OF engage HH, T/CM. OF vies for HH attention, but aloof PB has her attention. OF and T/CM hit it off, comedic relief. PB & HH have an opposites attract moment. PB simple townie doesn't want to exploit people, HH has something to prove and doesn't care either way. Gramps suspicious phone call(?)
Another attack, next morning, Government/Military teaser. Human is killed this time. More reveal of the creature. Military patrol night, then at dawn, just as they are about to shift change, attack at morning light.
PB gets phone call from OF. Monster Hunters at beach next morning. Trying to provoke attack. Military hiding off to the sides, blocking off areas. PB shows up with OF. Confrontation with Monster Hunters, oblivious as suddenly...Multiple attacks. Hiding in shadows. From one attack to many, running to Van/Pickup truck.

Act 2
Driving through town as Serpents attack all over, identifying the enemy, seeing the patterns of their attacks, Van vs Pickup. Getting rescued by HH and Van, something in pickup gives edge on fighting them off, the light from the videocamera.
Escape from town. Fighting back. People die and the main group gathers together. PB & OF, HH & CM, Gramps & Agent.
Camp Hero fight.

Act 3
Camp Hero dealing with psychological fallout. Bonds strengthened. Truth comes to light. Experiments explored.
Escape from Camp Hero. Running on foot, battling bit by bit. Poolboy & Hostess main scenes. Hiding in shadows.
Final stand. Lighthouse. Electromagnetics and light. Giant creature reveal. Gramps sacrifice, Poolboy's heroics, Hostess' Vulnerability, Agent's Guilt. Pushing back attack by other dimension.

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