Saturday, July 4, 2009

First Love Script

Page 1
Panel 1
Wide shot, boy sitting on the edge of a large rock, overlooking a smallish lake. Lots of trees and dense brush line the area. Small frogs and birds and bugs flit about the scene. The water is still, pristine.

N: I remember when I first fell in love.

N: I was just a boy then...

N: On vacation with my parents up at the lake.

Panel 2
The boy's POV looking down into the lake, his sad reflection stares back at us. He seems about to dive in.

N: I didn't have many friends back home...

N: Up there, I didn't have any.

Panel 3
A stone skips across the water sending ripples through his reflection and heads right towards him. He's startled and begins to slip from the rock.

Boy: Wha-? Whoa!

Panel 4
The boy falls in the water as the stone hits the rock. He's flailing about as he drops in headfirst.

Boy: Glug!

Page 2
Panel 1
The boy, soaking wet bobs out of the water.

Panel 2
The girl stands just across the small outcropping of the lake. She's smiling a devilish grin.

Panel 3
Boy meets girl

Panel 4
Girl hits boy

Page 3
Fireflies in jars

Page 4
Hitting frogs with sticks

Page 5
Throwing rocks at birds

Page 6
Build up to kiss

Page 7
Lil Sister interrupts and is killed

Page 8
Boy kills girl, kiss

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