Monday, June 29, 2009

Montauk Monster

Local guy.
Reality show hostess.
Paranormal monster attacks.
Conspiracy madman.
Government agents.
Lighthouse finale.

Diving into our reality, it fishes for victims. Sailing legend.

Act 1
Creature attack on beach (dog & little girl)
Intro Pool boy
Gramps ex-military
Reality show "SubUrban Myths"
Hot hostess, camera man, techy
Normal day in Montauk, End of Summer

Act 2
Provoking attack on beach
Government save
Gramps conspiracy
Pool boy & Hot Host
Saves her
Multiple attacks at once
Montauk Project
Retreat to Camp Hero
Military fight back against multiple serpents

Act 3
Town under attack
Giant serpent comes forth
Hide in Lighthouse
Vibrations/ripples & light/prism

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