Sunday, February 22, 2009

What karaoke song should I sing tomorrow?

First song I'll sing in front of my girlfriend, her friends, strangers, god...first in front of a crowd.

Total Eclipse of the Heart? I don't know if I could pull it off. I listen to the Dan Band version to see. Maybe.

Jay-Z 99 Problems is what I want to do. I practice my rap moves in my apt, Flash hat pulled down low, Happy Noodle Boy t-shirt just a bit too big. I almost got a Starter jacket in High School.

Got the motorcycle one from the flea market and eventually airbrushed Aerosmith across the back (thanks Grandma!).

Maybe Aerosmith? Angel? That could work. I wish I could do St. John from Permanent Vacation.

Weird Al All About the Pentiums? That would be awesome.

Skid Row? I wish I could pull off I Remember You. I think I'll try it anyways.

Whiskey makes everything easier.

Zombie movie time.


1 comment:

L said...

Me thinks a li'l ska'ola would go over well. I think you will find some songs that are to your liking!