Monday, February 23, 2009

How to Become A Famous Writer Before You're Dead Notes

"And so it goes. There are children to be raised, money to be earned, wine to drink, movies to watch, lovers to kiss." -Ariel Gore

Marc Acito
Column to book deal

Assignment: favorite books
The Gunslinger, Fear and Loathing Las Vegas*, Flicker*, Fight Club, A Brave New World, Catcher in the Rye, 1984, The Subteraneans*

*ones I wish I wrote

Is Tower of Brahma consistent with what I love to read?

What I like about above list.
Manic energy, outsider, dystopian, feeling beneath stifling reality, enlightenment and awareness rising

Dislike: Genre-writing, although mixed genres are fun

Graphic novel list:
Invisibles, Promethea, Mage, Doom Patrol, Kabuki

Subversive, mystic, mythic, surreal, artistic

Entrepreneur- competitive, self-confident, driven to succeed, willing to work long hours, open to criticism and rejection, able to see the world as a system, and willing to take care of physical health

Every day, choose to do something emboldening.

"When bad things happen to writers, there's always the silver glimmer of a good story. Damn, we think when we're face-down on the rain-wet pavement, nose broken and bleeding, coughing betrayal. This is gonna make a great story."

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