Monday, February 23, 2009

Mercury University Year One Notes

Flash Rings
Legion Rings

Energy weapons

Handheld PDA lightning bolt

John Fox as hero. Ring also binds speedsters to planet. He removes it to launch himself across the universe.

Bart's ring slows down anyone near him. It's how he can attend school. But in the slower moving classes. Linda Velocibiology. Turtle classmate.

Xs and upper classmen.

Everyone shuns Bart because of some paradox that no one can talk about. It's that he becomes a Reverse Flash for President Thawne. Or Thawne's daughter.

Wally as teacher. Settled in a normal life. Let the Wests be happy for awhile. Jai does the elementary school sports with Jay. Iris becomes dorky, overachiever. Jesse Quick teacher.

Bart college picking a direction.

Wally teaching High School. Mechanics of powers.

Savitar/Max. Young Max. Young Savitar.

Invention of paradox shifter. Turtle's father. Seeing him is how Bart finds out.

Some sport. Track. Meditation. ZenRunning. Higher realms. High jump.

Academic. Max doesn't know Bart.

Religious. Savitar. Benevolent.

The Rogues. Thugs.
Captain Cold.
Heat Wave.
The Top.
Abra Kadabra.
Weather Wizard.

Prisoners of Savitar. John Fox used to capture them. Rebel against school. Tear it down. Generations of Flashes trained there. Bart brings it crashing down.

John Fox captures Abra Kadabra. Trickster on the run. The Top working with Savitar.

Bart's first day. Wally's first day.
Heroes. Teachers. Students.

Halloween. Party. Abra Kadabra. Horror mystical, science lightning.

Thanksgiving. Family. Everyone settling into new lives.

Christmas/New Years Eve. Solitary enlightenment. School Finals Week.

New Year Winter. Slowdown. Gearing up for Plan.

Valentine's Day. Love. Titans. Arrowette. Dance.

March. Fights starting. Bigger plot reveal. Sports.

April. End of School Year. Running to edge.

May. Flowers. Romance.

June. Finish Line.

Summer Break. Bart runs off with Thawne.

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