Monday, September 15, 2008

Othello - Iago

Just finished watching Othello. Iago is pretty much the man here, weaving deception which in the end could have an impact on an entire country. His hatred for a man of position he works beside drives him to befriend everyone into the most sinister plot.

Is Iago the bored social scientist, playing them against each other for sport? Is he just old fashioned evil? Or perhaps he is the unknown variable, the chaos in a system that simply must play out its role of entropy.

I've always thought compulsive lying was a cry for attention, a desire to be caught, to be listened to, for once, and truly heard. I've lied before and prided myself on my ability when it was necessary, aka for the greater good. I don't have the spite, the will to do harm. But I
feel as I do have the skill to manipulate.

Good intentions, an honest desire and joy at making others happy. I want those I see potential in to not be enslaved to self doubt. And maybe I want to see that I don't need to live that way either.

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