Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Adult Swim

I heart Adult Swim. I <3 it.

Metalocalypse. A metal band is the most popular band in the world. Pop culture therefore follows a dark and metal path but still looks just like the cheery pop idolatry of today. Goverment and mystical conspiracies track the band's progress. And metal songs that are funny. My roommate, an actual metal guitarist, hates it.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The token smart French Fry guy. The obnoxiously hip Milkshake. Typically simple Wad of Meat. The rent in Jersey. They might save the day, or everyone might suddenly explode. Insane-o-humor. The first bunch were funny, but now the ATHF aren't even on the show and Carl can only carry the show for so long. ATHF Colon Movie Film for Theatres was good though.

Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job. Sketch comedy by infantile retards exploiting the pathetic, goofball, offbeat, eccentric denziens of the entertainment industry. And I mean that in as admiringly a way as possible. The fine line of humor (and good taste) is crossed often and I'm glad that someone's out there trying to get away with this stuff. Cameos by Weird Al, John C. Reilly, Tom Skerrit, Dave Navarro & others! Tom Goes to Mayor, almost occasionally funny.

Assy McGee. Won't watch it. Can't do it.

Robot Chicken. Some sketches are just bad jokes, but when it's on, it's amazing. Nostalgia reigns with appearances by every single toy you ever had comes back and says/does some 'R' rated s#!% up in here. The E=MC2 rap from tonight's episode was true genius. Check the celebrity cameo voices at the end too. More often then not, if they spoof a celeb, they get them to do the voice. Yay Seth Green.

12. Oz. Mouse. I'm about to partake of illicit substances and watch this. I love this show. Here goes...

SHARK: "Are you drunk?"

FITZ: "Not drunk enough."

I think I read on one of the Adult Swim bumpers that this was the cheapest show every made. And it shows. Blobs of color that reek of MSPaint, poorly animated in Macromedia Flash, that tests your patience with every other gag. It's total chaos. Things happen for no reason. Things explode, people are shot, giant eyeballs show up, and the damned chinchilla won't stop the shrieking! It's amazing. I love the absurd and surreal. And best intro ever. Exploding cardboard city!


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