Monday, June 21, 2010

Mustang Frankenstein

Suicide Girls meets Mad Max by way of Death Proof.

Slasher road movie as animated segments, possibly later developed into film project.

Three models drive out to desert at location, pissed off photographer is killed by mysterious stranger, girls show up and are hunted down. They get to the car and take off for Vegas. He drives a monster of a 70's Mustang, dark green with hard top. Black leather jacket, torn jeans, dark moppy hair, raybans, white t-shirt and cigarettes. From Vegas to LA.

Action slasher. Metal backdrop soundtrack, each segment filmed in a different style as a music video with openings and closing dialogue. We can even do this as one segment of a larger project. I like the idea of ZomBot as an animated music video.

The shameless promotion machine to fund this is #1 find hot models online to base it on. Instant fanbase and loyal supporters. After we get artists interested, my friend Gary records some music, set up a pitch trailer, then #2 get on Kickstarter. #3 promote like hell. Get funds from the guys drooling online for these girls, give work to musicians/artists/animators, make a great intro piece.

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