Monday, June 21, 2010

Mustang Frankenstein Outline

Desert, white caddy, red interior, tears ass through the late night, nearly dawn. Three girls, suicide alternative punk rock chicks, rock out in the car. They're all getting to know each other on the ride.

The pinup. Driver. Bandana, monroe, cigarette.
The diva. Busty, glamourous, tattooed.
The rocker. Black slick hair, unwashed, band t-shirt.

Mustang Frankenstein stalks into the night, murders photographer and indie rock band assistants.

Girls show up, scope out the scene. Fight. Run. Chase.

On the road. Vegas. Morning. Keep busy through the day. Trying to fly out before night. Get out of Vegas and to the airport. Car chase.

LA. They think they're safe. At a rock show, MF starts killing with indiscretion. Lashing out and killer rockers and hipsters. Barfight. Down and dirty.



Hell Fight Club

Hot, tattooed chick, tall and badass.
Skinny, lean, sparse tattoo sidekick.
Rivals. Come together to kill vampires.

Business As Usual

Rich, mortal men, benefitting from horror.
Hint at big boss. Eternal. Evil. Scientist. Recluse.
Manipulation and independence.

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