Thursday, March 25, 2010

Marvel Two-In-One: Strange Tales

Peter Parker comes ashore. No need for pretense, costume, identity. A score to settle. Logan hurt her, crossed a line. Firestar? Old school. Bar fight. Switchblades. Tarantino.

Dean Walker, Intern of Dr. Strange
College student. Runs errands for multi-tasking Dr. Strange. He guides the universe's soul. Dean picks up the mail. From the infernal motorcycle ride through Hell, to soaring the waves of cosmic radiation. Into the maw of Mephisto burning with lies, out of the gaze of the eternal Watcher. Dormmamu's Dread Dimension lies all around the entire known reality, Mindless Ones carving through vibrational quantum states, swarming all about us. The Son of Son of Satan's power and status as True Lord of Hell commands respect, and perhaps defeat the Dread Dormmamu by claiming his father's trident. Whatever form he wants. Yo-yo. Hipster healer of humanity. Jazz poet beat alternative. Seeing Marvel through fresh eyes. Betrayed youth. Not from that reality.

A reality where Longshot & Dazzler's child grew up to become Shatterstar. Domino is the old lady assassin. May Parker, Spider-Girl. Daken. Skaar. M2.

Tales to Astonish
A Stark assassin. Long lost Stark brother. Teenage Stark. Fakes evidence, false history. Gets a job undercover for Stark. Makes Stark recruit him. Devious.

A military guy. A nobody from nowhere. Didn't talk much. Spoke when spoken to. SHIELD agent in training, given special clearance due to respect and honor of the chain of command and several acts of bravery. A hero.

Partnered up to scour the globe looking for Stark plants with hidden weapon caches. Scavengers, mercenaries, gun-runners and supervillains all looking for a piece of the action, a chance to get some serious firepower. Safer weapons used in violent hands.

The Rose. Kingpin. Connected. Patient. Ready to take advantage of a situation. 

Harry Osborn. Heir to a fortune, son of a madman.

Business. Military.

Tales of Suspense
Pym. Banner. Lawson?
Teenage genius with an application of Pym Particles & Gamma Radiation. It cures the Hulk, and allows complete control of the transformation. The thing they didn't count on was the theory that the Hulk itself is the ever expanding gamma bomb, threatening to destroy all reality. Oops. Get smart Lawson! Think your way out. Amadeus Cho. He knew that the brains of the Marvel Thinkers were its biggest threat. The hero that rises from them is what matters. The Hulk. Mr. Fantastic. Iron Man. Professor X. Ant-Man.
Science heroes.

Namor is will. Dr. Strange is spirit. Silver Surfer is energy. Black Bolt is harmonics. Spider-Man is totem science.

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