Thursday, December 31, 2009


Forgotten childhood memories
DC Universe from Kid's perspective
Pre-teen, teen, college
SuperPets, SuperBoy, SuperMan
Innocence, Puberty, Dating
Young Adult. Quarterlife Crisis.
SuperMom. Capt. Marvel Jr.

Wizard of Oz, Wicked Queen
Female corruption
Lex Luthor, Metallo
Water, Earth, Magic

Cap & Tony

Punisher - play nice

Thrust - the Junk
Urban madness manifests
Lifting people from self-destruction
Making monsters by adding power
Causing destruction & enlightenment
Kinetic Kid

Bob Awesome
Mike Manchester: Mall Security
Mom <3
First Love

What does water carry?

Battle for Heaven within Mind
Eternal reversal

Granted Salvation
Unexpected enlightenment

Kid Flash: Mercury University
Mirrors - self reflection
Fire - passion
Ice - logic
Tricks - levity pain
Color - light reality
Top - vertigo self doubt

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