Sunday, December 27, 2009

DeadBeat Notes

Junkie ex-cop, solves his own murder, a bullet in his heart and no pulse. He turns to his tattoo artist sister, we learn how far bottom he's hit, borrows her car. She tells him to go to a local Sex/Smoke/Occult Shoppe run by a well dressed wannabe occultist. He brings DB over to the morgue, where the supernatural geek chick tells us about the odder cases of death she's seen. She also removes the bullet from his chest and gives it to him.

Brings bullet to a fellow female detective, a former friend/love interest. Asking if she can help track down the gun it belongs to. We get a glimpse of their former relationship and just how badly DB burnt his bridges. She doesn't agree to help him but she holds on to the bullet.

DB brings the syringe to the club, thinking himself invulnerable, confronts drug kingpin, the guy who he was supposed to be trying to catch when he got hooked. The bouncer trounces him and tosses him out. He's got further damage and is not healing from it. He realizes he doesn't have much time left.

Socialite party, occultists Hellfire Club, Hollywood Division. Sidekick goes undercover at the party. Tried not to geek out with morgue girl as his date. DB sneaks around trying to find out what their master plan is. Finds out more about the drug, is mauled in some other way while escaping.

The love interest detective is hinted at her deviousness, her allegiances might not be what we think. She mulls over the bullet, eyes the Kingpin, and keeps it hidden. The bouncer was killed in the pursuit of DB, and so we see the drugs effects on him as Kingpin uses a syringe on him.

DB realizes he's not going to last long. Starts saying his goodbyes. Goes to sister's tattoo shop and makes good with her. He leaves and is hunted down by the bouncer, via cars, leading to an accident they both survive, just barely. Bouncer picks himself up, more torched, sliced, and zombie-esque than DB.

Occult Shop. The Bouncer is still in pursuit as they hold him off and escape out the back as he smashes up the store. Back room has low level magic items, all useless. Finally DB takes him out. DB gives syringe to OS to check out.

Meets up with Love Interest Detective, who betrays him and brings him to the Kingpin. They test him, cut him up a bit, autopsy him basically. LID shows her true nature, she's waiting to take him out, but Kingpin knows this and sells her on immortality.

Through an amazing feat of disgusting flesh rending courage and a distraction by OS & MG, DB breaks free and takes out the guards with what he's got left, which isn't much. Zombie as hero. Relentlessly pursuing Kingpin. DB kills KP as LID runs into the man behind the power. DB dies.

Funeral. Sister. Occultist. Mortician. A few cops, but very few. Small crowd. Wait til dark, Occultist comes back to the grave, an arm shoots up out of the ground and they talk, start their next case.


LID comes to see DB, she has a syringe, in over her head, needs his help, he's strung out in bed. Bouncer comes and she draws her gun, which he takes and shoots DB with. She's already injected him with syringe though. Bouncer brings her back to KP.

LID allegiance? There to help him? Poison him? She shot him, but why? 

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