Friday, September 4, 2009

Punisher vs Ghost Rider Notes

Family cries out for vengeance against Punisher.
Punishment vs Vengeance
System vs Morality
Govt vs Religion

Penance stare overridden by Castle's grief and need for revenge. Ghost Rider helps him take down those responsible. Together they judge the beauracracy of criminal acts.

Ghost Rider vs Punisher in a gunfight, then fist fight.
Punisher on back of motorcycle shooting.
Wholesale slaughter of the guilty.
Then Ghost Rider takes out Castle.


Page 1
Dan Ketch passes scene of violence. The families wail out for justice. Vengeance burns inside him. He can't fight the change.

Page 2
Tracks down killer. Punisher, springs trap. Explosions, guns, and finally hand to hand.

Page 3
Punisher refuses to submit. Penance stare.

Page 4
Punisher/Ghost Rider mind meld, swirling images of their past pains, flashbacks to origins, etc.

Page 5
Ghost Rider gets on bike, Punisher locks and loads.

Page 6
Punisher kills from Ghost Rider's motorcycle. They just wail on badguys. From thugs, to slick mobsters, to crime families.

Page 7
Office buildings, police, innocents. Ghost Rider sees there is no limit to Punisher's madness.

Page 8
Ghost Rider kills Punisher with chain slowly, putting him out of his misery.

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