Friday, September 4, 2009

BlitzLeague! First 3 Contests

Test 1: Dodge!Ballz!
V shaped setup in a warehouse with torn down ice hockey plexiglass shields lining two High School bleachers on either side of a row of three bowling alley ball returns angled slightly upwards and minus the curved area for them to rest on. Maybe there's a heavy duty motor sitting under them that they can kick on.

The contestants are all lined up against the far wall. So the idea is the same as dodgeball, except also like king of the mountain. You need to run past the area that the balls are coming from, but don't get knocked unconcious! On the side are also small perches where one gunner sits on each side with a softball machine on a platform. Maybe small tennis ball ones in front of the benches that the front row audience members get to fire. (Incentive to get there early).

Off to the other side behind the bleachers, is a small wooden bar, def made from left over lumber found around. Hipsters linger and sip Colt 45 Minis and stand besides their fixed gear bikes.

(Figure he can either turn into the tennis ball material, then the softball, then finally a bowling ball when another contestant turns to mist and it slams him in the stomach, but he catches it.)

Test 2:
Recess @ PS-666
An obstacle course under neath a train highrise. Starts on the street, but slalom around concrete posts, leap over flaming police barricades, dive through a metal jungle gym as you are shot with fire hydrants, finally diving through a pane of glass.

(This is where I figure things can get fierce between opponents. HipsterWolvie can try and take him out, lots of badass powers shown here, and how he's gonna have to try this time.)

Test 3: TazerTag!
A battered boxing ring barely held together. The bleachers again set up on either side. Five contestants, the winner of last starts with a tazer, the other is dangled in the center of the ring, lowered in as four others are in the four corners, then the fifth runs in with his attack. Basically boxing/wrestling with tasers. Last Man Standing!

(A real duel with things getting down and dirty. Mac wins by becoming copper and conducting electricity through him into others.)


Test 1 (Story Breakdowns)
Mac lined up, flashback to Kris, tennis balls, power use, flashback to origin (hazy), the others getting hit with tennis balls, his power showing off, flashback friends powers, friends in stands, stoner guy staring up at softball machine as other two oblivious, softballs firing, dodging, touches ball, bounces off, walks through unharmed, then sees Ice Queen, distracted, bowling ball launched at him, hits others, then mist, hit and catches bowling ball, turns into that, and struts through to the end, keeping an eye on Ice Queen filming.

<Misc characters: knitting armored DIY Park Slope girl, >

1 page come down, 1 page setup

Test 2
More concious decision about power changes. Paperclip, rubber band, rock. Metal as he runs through the flames, but slows him down, rubber band to hurl through the jungle gyms, and rock to bust through the water/glass. Hipster Wolvie, Ninja Cosplay, TrackGangstar.

No flashbacks, intense moments of thrown punches, kicking, shoving, and dirty looks, as they run and jump.

Test 3
Total one on one, crowd cheering, the true contest of powers and brains. More like a boxing match, or tag team wrestling. Bright lights and roar of the crowd. He wins it and that's that. No big hoopla after, everyone just goes home.


Important Brooklyn Neighborhood Characters
Greenpoint (Insane Polish Guy?), Williamsburg (HipsterWolvie), Bushwick (badass from the projects), Park Slope (VeganLesbian), Coney Island (freakshow?), Red Hook, Carroll Gardens, Fort Greene, Dumbo, Prospect Park.

BlitzLeague should maybe be the underground name of it, but when it becomes legit they shorten it or simplify it. BklynGames.

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