Friday, August 21, 2009

Pop Culture/Mass Media Intiation Ritual


Pi allows you to observe the true nature of reality, a first glance into the abyss of eternity, the pattern revealing itself before your eyes. Be mindful not to become obsessed.

Fight Club organizes the masses, allows for detachment of the self from the body, and removes all obstacles from your path. Be wary of subconscious, nihilistic desires.

Donnie Darko reveals the supra-natural events that unfold about us all, our individual role living amongst the savior, as well as the essentials of life and the destiny of those destined to perish.

Unbreakable reveals the potential hidden within us all, the power and responsibility of the powerful, and how we can make a difference on a personal level with the people around us.

Special. Once we have broken the fourth dimension and traversed the skyways of infinite possibility and wonder, we must come home. This film will re-ground the self with the masses.

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