Thursday, August 20, 2009

Defenders Notes

Dr. Strange
Mystic, magic, medical

Silver Surfer
Messenger, herald, mind

The Hulk
Science, rage, power

Namor Sub-Mariner
Royalty, water, mutant

Blessed, cursed, burdened
With power to heal, hunt, destroy, defend

Silver Surfer as Anti-Christ Savior of the Universe. Undoing the damage he has done by feeding the Anti-God.

Eternity/Infinity their crossing in their groins is our entire universe. An atomic shaped swirling cosmos.

Ego the Living Planet as selfish sentient planet. Versus Galactus. Cannibalism.

Drax, Mentor, Firefox, Pip, Moondragon. Infinity Gauntlet. Titan, Jupiter. Galaxy to Universe to Multiverse.

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