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Schizopolis Notes

Introduction a nod to Cecil B. DeMille's Ten Commandments
The rotating lens making us aware it's a film and alternating perception between half, full and long shots
"The delicate fabric that holds all of us together will be ripped apart unless every man, woman and child sees this film..."
No fish were harmed in the making of this film

Eventualism commercial. Scientology spoof.
Here I am now (find yourself), control your own mind (how to think), Eventualism

Waitress brings plate with act 1
Superspeed noise-rock beginning of the day. Routine as a blur of repetitive motion.

Interview with a fan of Eventualism. OCD tooth brushing.
In control.
Grainy fantasy, kisses her, spits out her tooth
Brother calls/people looking for information exposing Switters company
"How long til they find out you don't have a brother?"

First I am born. Then the trouble begins.
Fantasizes about being an orphan, tries to lose parents at July 4th celebration.
They find me.
Out of body experience during baseball.
Acute sensation that something terrible will happen to me

Cut to
Title on a crazy man's t-shirt. He is not wearing pants and is running around like a lunatic away from orderlies.
Symbolic of the movie itself. Running rampant through the viewer's mind.
Bicycle past background of an interview.
Cut to
Older man entering photo printing place. He flips through the photos and has a heart attack.
Cut to
Doctor giving a medical explanation for the heart attack.
Intercut with two people trying to resuscitate.
Cut to
Cubicle and co-worker, depressed and going on and on
Polite society, chit chat,

Masturbating in bathroom, doctor describing his condition
psycho-neurotic disorder
Mirror, making faces, different extreme emotions, altering his persona, stepping outside himself and attempting to feel

Cut to
Notepad, writing a letter, formatted as if it were a real letter, but instead it's just the letters of the alphabet
The words have lost meaning for him, and his routine has made him become detached from his reality
Throws it away and hears music as it enter the trash. Auditory hallucination.

Enter nameless numberhead man. Lester news.
Listing his vices/problems which caused his death
Grainy fantasies of him doing the same.
Eating poorly, chronic insomnia, blood pressure
Sneaking candy bars, swollen ankles, urination
No speech
Vague order talk, suggesting a conspiracy

Uncle calls, $50 grand offer for information

Back to interview
Detailed biography
Describing his condition
Breaking the fourth wall by showing the crew messing up the filming

Cut to Schwitters Head
Enter Elmo Oxygen
Weird odd sound music
Pest control
Nameless numberhead man's wife
Unintelligible speech. So far removed from normal thought patterns, but we see that actual words are not what makes up reality but rather the action shows us.
Pan over to two agents (harlequin) God figures, finishing each other's sentences.

TV interview
Debunker of Schwitters
Interspliced with interviewers daydreams, nudist logging, ping pong,
My tooth, pain. Unused take.

Cut to Elmo
Jazz, noises, samples music as he wanders through the house, taking pictures of himself

NNHM comes and meets up with co-workers all standing outside
Mole/spy, paranoia, suspicion

Sex, stumble, fall

Boss calls munson
Gives him conflicting instructions, making it impossible
Munson's face is totally straight
delay in reaction
Edited a few seconds earlier to make it feel disjointed
Boss goes back to work, awkwardness


NNHM & Munson
NNHM is bitter
Munson has an office
Superspeed drive home
White car

Abrupt cut to random conversation with neighbor
Sex with neighbor's wife
Golf ball

Generic greeting
Dad coming home, picture perfect family, with the conversation dissected to minute detail, giving us what is being conveyed rather than what is actually said.
Left to right walk into home.

Elmo, talking on phone, making a date

Wife, daughter between, Husband
Suspicious phone call
Bear goes into the box (phallic?)

Dog, diagonal characteristics versus horizontal, night, indicating he has been there all day, marking passing of time
haven't you read my manual? Dog awakes

dinner table working on speech
tape recorder
not a cause, course, a fashion, or religion
Eventualism is a state of mind, time and again we see the reliance on a proven methodology, a methodology separate from human experience, built upon figures, not feelings, which encourages our dependence on the empirical world, a world with no room for ground rule doubles.
Generic greeting, wife leaving

Elmo on a date.
Fleshframe. Sneeze?
Goes in for it

Wife returns, generic convo
Bed, she leans in and he denies her, work stress
Enticement to agree
Staring at painting of landscape
Solo fantasy world exceeds reality

Cut to
Press conference
Race horses do not urinate more than non-racing horses

Cut to
Funeral for Lester
Munson hears what he wants to hear.
Aren't you glad it wasn't you?
Don't you wish you felt something?
Attraction to wife?

Elmo moves left to right
Flowers for his wife
Harlequin, backseat, soon

Mole paranoia
Munson debunks the paranoia
smoking, grainy fantasy of his death of smoking
Wife, thinner and thinner, flipping the idea of the typical
Boss yells, excuse

NNHM wife goes to develop film

Elmo rummaging through house
Is that any way to talk to a lady?
Sex noises
Video camera, Schwitters wife, painting
Altering the format

Cut to IDEA MISSING on tree

Cut back to Elmo
Small and demented, piano music playing, he looks small in the far shot as he finally travels right to left
A bug-like sense, infesting
driving past left to right, walking right to left, conflicting ideas
Harlequin stop him and finally he talks normal and the fourth wall is once again broken by his acknowledgment of being in a movie and leaving to go with the two to do something more interesting, to fulfill his potential and step up things
Main attraction, points to cameraman and crew. A shortcut, a vehicle.
Boom mic guy, sound mixer.

Schwitters speech.
Anything that can be imagined is legitimate. Any action that can be contemplated can be taken. Eventualism isn't designed to answer all questions, it's designed to question all answers. It's not about healing pain, it's about the pain of healing.
Cut to Munson in office telling spies to go away
Bomb threats, boss yelling
NNHM man, paranoia, hit by co-worker, Munson worked up, shuts down paranoia by out-rationalizing him
Compares it to a movie. No Way Out.

Cut to Elmo's car being towed.

NNHM's wife, with alternate reality wife with glasses, tooth problems, dentist
Speak Italian. Showing off teeth. Channel 9.
Dr. Korchek. And bugs.

Interview, crew walking in front, reading from a paper
The fallacy that work under pressure results in a direct pipeline to creative genius, that divine inspiration can be conjured by anything but the most mind bending concentration, this is the world of the poseur, the pretender, the fraud.

Cut to boss ripping Munson apart.
Talk to Schwitters. Adjust the deadline. NNHM.

Wife picks up pictures.
Did they all come out okay?
They all came out, okay.

NNHM getting fired. Giant box makes him look small.
Munson reveals info about the phone calls.
He gives up. Package?

Cut to
Crazy man, pumping up tires on his bike, orderlies sneak up.

NNHM, close up on intense speech, showing his version of getting fired, where he quits
Tries to make her eat, but no cut away, no response. Disjointed.
Gets up, and we connect that NNHM's wife.
Phone call.
looking through pictures. she hides them, eats chips.

Boss yelling at Munson.
Calls the spies, they already have a guy.
Bathroom, purple/red bathroom door.
Black and white striped socks, taken off in stall next door.

Explorations 1-6
Enormous expansion
The absolute and essential role
Public perception of reality
Transcendent idea of reality
Collective unsconcious
Long overdue recognition of our own significance


Fat chick comes and visits NNHM. Documents.
Flip on seduction scene.

Candy bar, walking to car, key won't work. Identical car nearby.
Music slowly builds as he watches another version of himself, jumpsuit, running
Everything he's not. He follows. Left to right.
Advancing the plot.
But a turn makes it right to left. Flipping reality.
He goes to loon in the house, spying through the back window.
Quick cuts, showing him watching himself, then behind him, side of him, all around him, close up through the window of him closing his idea. Escape.
Wakes up in the other body. Walks out front. Only one car. He slightly smiles.

Woman fishing, whips a 2 out of the lake. Act 2.
Wood. Relaxation rather than service or job.

Picks up phone and wife comes over.
"I'm having an affair with my wife."
White blown out close ups of her face during sex.
In bed, opposite sides from earlier scene.
Talking about Fletcher.
She talks. He hears what he's like.
Videotape (suggesting porn) Sex Lies & Videotape
Why don't you leave him?
Romanticizes her. Wants to run away with her.
You say a lot of things.
Looks at painting.

Cut to: Newscast Havarti comet plunging towards Earth. Calculating odds.
Price of capturing naked crazy man $367.50
Eventual destruction of this reality.

Elmo, handheld shot, giving us a new feel for Elmo in his new role
Chasing down a guy and beating him up
"Is that good?" Asking for

Madame Rose. Palm reading. A woman will change his life. Wind chimes. Left side of the screen.
A stranger. The wife's alter-ego?
Casual elevator music in the car ride to work. Lingers in the car. jogs inside.
familiar with routine

Confident, as he seduces, pitches flossing, Florida, be true to your teeth and they won't be false to you.
Calls Greg. Fake laughs, takes picture. Comfortibility. Patient with dementia.

Courting, glasses wife alter-ego. Nervous. She wears black and white stripes under a red blazer.
Card. Jiffy Massage. Voice over, attractive woman #2, spinning camera, demented love letter, grainy fantasy of greeting her, kissing her, marrying her, playing with baby, toilet paper discussion, which way it goes, toothpaste cap. Intersplicded with him writing letter and leaving it at her apt.

Elmo busting in house and beating a couple.

Diner, NNHM and fatty, guy asking for money. Golf, and generic talk. golf ball bouncing in reverse of earlier shot, we see Munson look back at it. Placing us back a few days in time. Left to right pulling into driveway. Wife left Munson. She starts to unpack. Wearing green. He's on the left. Tells her of her new love. Semantics of feelings, falling vs sliding. She matches the green of the house. Old rag and rotting fruit. Green car. Worm.

Newscast. National debt. Rhode island sold to investors and make it a mall.

Slow long shot and music of him pulling into parking lot.
Brother, 8 hours, $15,000. Thug takes tape.

Elmo ripping tags off mattresses.

Dentist visit for debunking Tribby. Reveals info with defector. Message from brother. As dentist he's on the right. NNHM's wife. Mentions attractive woman #2.

Elmo, trailer, not money. Looking for spiritual fulfillment. Feminine side must speak. Language does not always require speech. Metaphors too complicated, wants a female. Artist, diva, fruit. Third person. Harelquin as producers.

Practicing his response to AW#2. Registered letter have to sign for.
Three lawyers, close up, reading off his letter, behind him shot as he reacts. Grainy fantasy of legal battle. She wins, he masturbates in bed. Greg has disappeared with all the money. Laughs. Thug waiting.

Cut to interviewer. Head cut off as he cleans his glasses, So we see time and again that a man can not escape his own nature. But instead he must reconcile himself to that nature. We are what we pretend to be, because we pretend to be what we really are. The act is not an act.

Thug shoots Korcheck. Munson goes back to his desk from afar, down the hall.

Woman walks to mailbox, takes out mail, and 3. Act 3.
Upbeat music, wife being interviewed, she was going to go back to work, but didn't. Female perspective.
Interview with Schwitter's wife. Interview. Lester's wife. Traveling with insurance money.
AW#2. Wife. receptionist.

title cards
Do you feel outside forces control your destiny? pg. 151
Wife with daughter, answers phone, male voice speaking Japanese.
Munson describing Lester's death and promotion

Are you one of the Haves or Have Nots? pg 12
Wife describing soap opera. Answers door. Package, video. Heavy weight honeys. Porn tape.

Are your fantasies your own? pg 91
Munson come shome, speaks Japanese in reverse of scene in act 1.

Do you believe in cause and effect? pg 227
Sneaking phone call, leaving to go out. Arriving at Korcheck's house. Italian speaking.
she comes home. Left sitting foreground, right background. Right to left leaving, left to right returning.

Do you love humanity but hate people? pg 111
Bed, from her side of the bed, His side bed, her side.

Do you wonder why you were born? pg 401
Funeral, what was really said, or her version, inspiration to leave him
Packing, neighbor convo, gold ball, look back
Her leaving him, AW#2 falling speech shot focusing on her reactions, behind him
Her dialogue minimal focusing on her reactions. He accepted job, not AW#2.

Coffee shop, imagines watching herself sitting across the room. Closes eyes, transfers bodies. Munson comes and romances her, not having his side of things prior we're trying to piece together the story with her minimal responses. Hotel room. Stroking her hair. All the people I've know, and decisions I've made coming together at this point.

Schwitters speech.
The public perception of reality before Eventualism was inadequate. Eventualism provides one with nothing less than a transcendent idea of reality. Soon it's influence will extend beyond the tangible, empirical worold and into the collective unconcious where it will become even more powerful. Eventualism is the long overdue recognition of people everywhere, of their own significance.
Turns around, thumbs up.

Wife wakes up, looks in room and smiles, downstairs, smiles as she walks over to Munson. Is it finished?
Lingering moment.

Woman has final say on every single subject. final arbiter of taste and justice. God.

Harlequin can't find Elmo.

Boss. Praises Munson. Writing his words, speaking his language. When I first got here we had a saying...
Leaves office, change, but still the same.

Schwitters kind of a jerk. Auditorium filling up. Schwitters wife video camera.
Busy writing speech.

Nonsense introduction. Backstage. Husband and wife.
Assassination by Elmo.

Plane landing. Lester's wife reading Eventualism. Interviewer next to her at airport. Pan down to striped socks.

Elmo detained and questioned.
Schwitters in bed wounded. Assistant. Boss. Tape of assassination. Meat or card replies to get well. Elmo & wife.

Disjointed language. Half nonsense/half normal.

I'm talking about perception and communication skills. Houseplant. I can make sense out of yesterday, can you understand the power of that? You will learn something from me. Crotch, look away in horror.

Reverse of dinner, answering phone, suspicious lingering on wife. Spider.

Mall, and detailed out the rest of his life. Superspeed him sitting slower.
Successfully thawed. Until then I wait.

Crazy man being taken away.

Outro. Answer questions.
Blip of credits.

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