Friday, November 14, 2008

Kwaidan - The Black Hair

Dye in the water
To moving shadows
Samurai leaves wife
Future seperate
Wife weaver
Cut to
Bride ceremony
Relief at her marriage
Parents to son-in-law
Cut to
Running water
Bucket, rope, well
Functioning of society
Built around her
Red umbrella
Green kimono
voice over
New bride to new post
Good family, respect & notoriety
Village, shops, covered as a ghost
Pale faced husband
Dissolve to
Ex weaving. Sound carries over cut back to husband
New wife
Dawn, prayer, long drawn out silent, slow moving moments
Selfish and callous
All in blue
Still in love with first wife
Red dress pushed to the ground
Images of ex
Arrow striking wood
Horseback contest of skill
Missed third mark
Off angle rotate in memory
Throws off shot
Sound carrying over
Right to left
Hits targets
Slow close up, cut to weaving sounds, focus on hair
Hits target
Purple, eyebrows, yawn, throws fan
Playing game, she quits
Husband reading, passed out, hidden
Pushes her away, hits him, twice
She calles him out on living in the past and using her
Eerie clang music
Nurse and husband
Sends her back to her parents
Find Ex and make amends
Years later returns home Kyoto
Heavy shadows, all doors locked
Wife spinning wheel, turns to him
Camera swoops in opposite her turning
How did her find her in all those black rooms?
Maze, labyrinth
He professes his love, asks for forgiveness
True love, dedication, she was not worthy of him
So happy to be together again if...
Only for a moment?
Hair monologue
Red bedspread
Letting go of sorrow, telling the past
Bridal chamber
No sleep
Past, present, future
Wakes up
Head rolls left to right to face the sun
Rolls her over, close up
No sound
Bird's eye view
Dragging, wood sounds, faint strings
Hair moving, he lashes out, flailing
No sound
His face paler all the time
Crashes through
Camera twists slowly as he runs
His own hair is growing long
Falls through the floor, crawls,
Water, inverted reflection, freeze frame
Sunken, rotting face

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Murasame7 said...

I dont think I've ever seen a poem like that before. I can swear I heard cinematic language in there! Makes me think of feudal Japan anime..