Sunday, August 1, 2010

Power Play #2 breakdowns

General contestants, hint at recurring characters, see Kris taking bets on the side, friends in the stands, discovering a bit of powers. Glimpse of Ice Queen.

Line up, misfits and weirdos, all standing at a starting line in a warehouse in Gownus. Mac is so busying looking around that he misses the announcements. He sees Kris behind the bleachers taking bets, then bam, starting gun, everyone runs, tennis balls being fired from the audience. His friends firing at him, hitting other people, then wham, softballs knocking people out. He dodges and gets wailed a few times. As he gets closer he spies Ice Queen off to the side. Suddenly a bowling ball is launched straight for his head, he just ducks in time for it to smash someone behind him. He turns into a bowling ball and runs the rest as the balls all bounce off him. He wins! All confident and bragging as he tries to find Ice Queen in the crowd.

Obstacle Course
More one on one contestants, things get nasty, set up the animosity for the final four. Hint at Gowanus Pete.

Smaller starting line, about a quarter of the people. Lined up in a parking lot, next to the studio. There's police barricades and old jungle gym equipment lining the streets. Then they set them on fire. Go! Mac tries to run but stamina is not his strong suit, either is agility. He falls behind as nimble contestants fly past him. People try and trip him up, take each other out as they jump and run, Mac turns into a stretchy material and stretches ahead. Climb up the building, things are getting fierce, then across the rooftops as everyone leaps across the street. Some people fall into bouncy castles set up on the street below and some bounce and hit the street. Mac just barely makes it across. Mac spies Gowanus Pete standing on the smoke stack watching, before diving backwards into the water. They climb the Kentile sign and the main rival grabs the flag. Mac loses.

Tazer Tag
Serious battle. Tense. Regenerating Hipster. Ice Queen .gsign up sheet. Registered for the bigger competition.

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