Monday, July 12, 2010

Men Who Stare at Goats review

I loved this movie. Simple, effective, tightly plotted while still keeping you guessing. It doesn't hurt that it's about New Age psychic powers which I am intrigued by, but it also follows the hero's journey. Clooney as the guide, Bridges as the godhead, and Spacey as the villain. Even the goat as both a symbol of innocence and devilry.

I just also really love Ewan MacGregor too. I don't know if I've seen a movie with him that I didn't like (and yes, that includes Danny Boyle's 'A Life Less Ordinary' which oddly has similar themes). All the actors don't even have to try too hard to impress here. Nothing outstanding performance-wise, perhaps a bit too typical for them, but nonetheless, well done.

I need to find out who directed this movie and also track down the book by Jon Ronson. Peter Straughn, screenwriter. Grant Heslov, director. Ok, got that down. Now to take some notes from the documentary about the actual military men behind this.

General Stubblebine. 1995 decomissioned. Jim Chanon. Esoteric technology. Evolutionary tactics. First Earth Batallion. New Mental Battlefield.

I'll look into this and report back with more details.


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