Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Indie Club Notes

Digital Fim

Vlog movie & promotion review w/interview.
Mercury Men


Rocket Science 5 Min Audio Interview.
Article: Fashion Blogger/Photographer/Model


Phil Gelatt interview podcast. Ep. Alpha. (Rick Lacey co-star) 15 min discussion plug, 30 min interview, 15 min intro & outro. Plugs.

Article: Mike Mooch?
Research on T-shirt sites. Threadless. Warren Ellis.
How do they work, sales, price?
At least his reviews and I can delve more into the finances.

T-Shirt Idea
Michael Keaton's face

Clint Eastwood

Bruce Campbell

Drunk Celebs


Elizabeth Seward. Musician. Self-Promoting. Poetry. mp3 and music video.

Grant & Warren Documentaries.

Sound Bytes of us reading lines of dialogue from random comics. Re-mixing it for a Write Club theme. Gary guitars. Cousin's beat.

Boston's going to start providing us with a webcomic for the webseries he's going to shoot in August, Gamers Wanted. Should help kick off the webcomic material.

I really want to start WCWWFX as soon as we can. Hopefully right after a legit site relaunch. I have the idea for page strips. Just need to get it going and then have guest artists do a page every week.

Maybe go daily with the Funnies when I can.

As for the site, I emailed Ron. Figure I'll get him out for drinks soon and talk it over with him.

I updated the articles page with the current material. I started a Tumblr for it. Need to come up with a better look before I pimp it.

I'm thinking we need ARTICLES, WEBCOMICS, REVIEWS, EPISODES, CONTACT up top as our main categories, but then a BLOG page to get updated daily, maybe multiple times a day. Linked to Tumblr or Blogspot feed. Both. Feed it into Twitter & Facebook.

Before that I'm thinking Comic Club after Indie, to really geek out and prepare for San Diego. Total superhero overload! But get more consistent with calendar of events and news.

Maybe we need to change it as soon as Iron Man 2? Free Comic Book Day would have been good but too soon. Ugh.

I need to see Kick-Ass and the Losers. May get to see Iron Man 2 early. Will do a review.

I fucking need internet at my apt. Or at least a good wifi spot with an outlet.

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